Atheism or Not!! Verdict is…

Let me start off by saying that I am a man that believes in God. My belief and faith has been immovable for as long as I can remember. With that being said, I’m not against atheists. Beautiful thing about this country is that we are free to believe that in which we believe.

My problem begins when there are groups out there that feel it is necessary to attack Christian beliefs, try to force us to not be able to put up nativity scenes, and want crosses taken down. This bothers me to the deepest levels. 

Now, in my opinion, those things aren’t huge. Don’t like a cross then look at the entire other landscape and horizon and you probably won’t be bothered by it anymore. However, it did get me to thinking, if these people are really atheists which means they don’t believe in God, then why is there an issue?

To me, a cross only means what it means due to Christianity. If there is no God then there was no Christ to be crucified and technically all your left with are two boards nailed together. The belief in those ideas are what gives the cross it’s meaning and purpose so atheists shouldn’t be bothered by it on a fundamental level.

A nativity scene isn’t anything more than a bunch of people in a barn unless you believe that the scene represents the birth of our saviour and Lord. It’s almost like someone saying they don’t believe in ghosts and yet claiming they their house is haunted.

To me if atheists have issues with these things then they aren’t really atheists. They believe in something or else these symbols would be nothing to be bothered by. I think they atheism is a religion but they just don’t believe with any of the current thoughts or beliefs around.

If this statement is true then it seems to me that attacking Christians on their beliefs is them infringing on our rights just the same way they claim we do to them. It’s time to look at the real issues here and act like intellectual people. Atheists can’t do way they do and just spout that they don’t believe in anything to justify their actions. 

I also do know that there are probably many Christians out there that are just as rude and judgemental towards atheists which I’m saddened by. I figure that in this day and age we should be able to coexist on one level or another.


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