The Lawless

It has been a while since I have been able to get on here and express my ideas.  Got a new computer and I am back to pick a fight.  

I am writing in regards to all the corrupt things that are going on in our government, from Benghazi to the “Fast and Furious” gun running operation, and now the IRS being used as a tool of intimidation against conservative groups.  I am a conservative and dare them to try that with me.

Anyways, what is it that makes the upper class so special that they can get away with what ever they do.  We have the prior Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that most obviously had news that the embassy in Benghazi was not properly protected.  She either ignored the cries for additional security or was told to stand down.  Either way, it was through her negligence that four Americans are now dead.  If she was any normal civilian in any normal career that could be considered negligent homicide.

It’s like we hear all the time on the news, this senator resigned for sleeping with underage girls or this senator was found to be with a prostitute, both crimes punishable with fines and prison terms, yet all they have to do is resign.  What is it about these people that make them so special that they can avoid serious criminal penalties for the laws that they break?

Now, we have this Eric Holder character that is obviously abusing the power that comes with the office that he holds.  He was, at least in my opinion, guilty for his part in the “Fast and Furious” even if all that he did was to ignore the problem so that I.C.E. can make money off of it.  Now he is lying to congress about whether or not he is part of trying to prosecute a top level reporter.  It is so bad that even people in his own party do not want him in office any more so what is the problem?  Is his power abuse, and especially lying under oath to congress, not enough to file charges against him or at least remove him from office.

Last I checked, it is still our country though barely, and we the people are unhappy with these people and outcomes.  Why is it that our government enjoys ignoring us so much?  It is time we start putting forth our will and start making our government listen to us like it was intended.  Let’s make a stand.


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