So the surprises just keep coming!!

This here is a continuation from my previous blog “World Peace or World Going to Pieces.”

I read today on my app, that that while the Israelis have the supposed right to defend themselves, it is only ok as long as the civilian life toll does not climb to high.

This happened four years ago, the last time Israel had a confrontation with the Hamas, and the international scene condemned Israel for the lives lost.

Does this make sense to anyone? It’s ok for people to kill other people as long as it doesn’t interfere with ourselves?

While I am a true blooded American who loves his country above all, I look back at 9/11. We were attacked so we declared war on terrorism. While I am for the wars, did this not also bring in civilian deaths?

No wars can be fought without the loss of civilian life. Just because we are more powerful, or because we are America, we have more right to sacrifice civilians on the path to reach our own goals but this does not apply to others?

I, and hopefully others, support Israel and stand behind them, a country with foes on all sides, to defend their country, people, homes, and faith by any means necessary.


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