World Peace or World Going to Pieces

I have to write about what is currently going on between Israel and Gaza, mainly the Hamas. Things are deteriorating over there and it just seems that U.N. officials, American leaders, and officials around the world have no balls or clear vision anymore.

U.N.officials say to the Hamas to stop rocket attacks and the Israeli government to show maximum restraint. Um, let’s see about this, can we say DUH!!!!! How stupid are the leaders of the world these days?

It’s said that Israel has the strongest and best military in the Middle East and yet the Hamas still remain, Iran has not been touched, and they have worked diligently to hold to the treaty signed with Egypt.

The U.N. officials say their concern is the human life’s that will be lost. Whether or not things go on as is, or Israel goes in there and just spanks them, life’s will be lost. How about just letting Israel do their thing and supporting them as we should.

It’s just like the situation with Iran. We impose sanctions and plead with Israel to hold back while sanctions have time to work. They have been in place for a good while now and all Iran has done has sped up their nuclear processes.

What is it going to take for the American and U.N. officials to pull their head out of their asses and make a move? Iran nuking Israel or the U.S.? I think we need to let Israel handle the issue, or because of the current clash with the Hamas, let us go over there and handle the issue.

How about we beat the hell out of Iran, bomb the hell out of its nuke sites, don’t stop until the craters are a half a mile down?

It seems like we have to have our friends suffer, or have our own citizens suffer, before we make any kind of a move. It’s sad. Waiting to long cause bigger problems and make the humanitarian effort seem like a joke.

Come on, lets stand side by side with Israel, lets throw the might of our two militaries at the enemy and squash then like a bug!!!!


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